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1/30/06 10:44 am

A quick request:

If anyone is throwing out furniture, particularly storage or seating, my friend Maria is due to give birth next month and is living in a flat with barely any furniture so please don't chuck it - give it to me for her!


2/16/04 09:17 am

This journal is now going "Friends Only"...I've had enough of discovering people I know are reading it without me knowing...it leaves me feeling inhibited about what I can post.

As such if you were reading it without being on my friends list then leave a comment & maybe I'll add you.

1/2/03 06:33 pm



I wake up in the morning
Put on my face
The one that's gonna get me
Through another day
Doesn't really matter
How I feel inside
'Cause life is like a game sometimes

But then you came around me
The walls just disappeared
Nothing to surround me
And keep me from my fears
I'm unprotected
See how I've opened up
Oh, you've made me trust

Because I've never felt like this before
I'm naked
Around you
Does it show?
You see right through me
And I can't hide
I'm naked
Around you
And it feels so right

I'm trying to remember
Why I was afraid
To be myself and let the
Covers fall away
I guess I never had someone like you
To help me, to help me fit
In my skin

I never felt like this before
I'm naked
Around you
Does it show?
You see right through me
And I can't hide
I'm naked
Around you
And it feels so right

I'm naked
Oh oh yeah
Does it show?
Yeah, I'm naked
Oh oh, yeah yeah

I'm so naked around you
And I can't hide
You're gonna (you're gonna) see right through, baby
you're gonna see right through,

i'm so naked around you,
and i can't hide,
you're gonna see right through, baby

1/1/03 11:19 pm

Well I had an ace few days in London, more happy & relaxed than I have been in ages...hmm, I wonder why?! If you're wondering about the last post...well, things are sorted, all is well & good in my little bubble.
Met up with James' family, who're all quite enjoyable people to be around...even when I did yell alot during a game of articulate, and when I managed to through a glass of champagne across the room *blushes*.
But now again with the days of limbo...helped clear out the loft this evening, mostly of the junk had when I was a kid (I found more beads! yay!), and mark came round for dinner. A few stressful moments with Dad...probably mostly coz I was tired & grumpy & he'd just walked up 2 flights of stairs excessively fast.
Tomorrow I might be going to see LOTR with my parents, doing some revision & possibly aiding 'rents with the removal of junk to charity shops & the tip , in the evening I wanna go to Ali's with Mark & Rich & Jason & Ian & Olivia...but since Mark is the only one who's let me know either way...it could well just be the two of us. Ho hum...if peeps wanna join us...you know my number!
Friday, more revision methinks & saturday back to brighton.

12/24/02 10:38 am

Electronics is the bane of my life...I have an exam on it on January the 6th...if I get above 55%, I never have to think about it again (well, except for "digital systems & microcomputers...but that's different, it's just the same awful lecturer)....so I'm revising...but it's so incredibly dull that try as I might I jjust can't concentrate on it for more than about 20 minutes! I hate electronics...I always did!

12/23/02 11:24 pm

Turns out Grandad is worse than I thought he was, which was a little depressing...other than that it was an alright night, 'twas good to see my grandparents. We succeeded in having no arguments thoguh the car journey was a little fraught (Dad's not exactly a great navigator). Food wasn't great, but that wasn't a problem...more of a problem was that it was too hot (I was sat very near a radiator & the carvery) & my stomach problem flared up....so I ended up stuck there feeling sick & dizzy & in quite alot of pain...eventualy it calmed down though, and we went back to the grandparents house (in dear old Brum) for cups of tea & a good natter....gran managed to lose her gold bracelet on route....dad managed to find it (we had a very traumatic 10 minutes though), and I've come home with a smile on my face....not because any one thing was particularly great, but in general everyone was happy & there were no arguments. Good enough for me!

12/22/02 11:41 pm

tomorrow morning I've really got to start revising, I haven't done any yet, at lunchtime I'm going to see lord of the rings with my parents, then we're eating an early dinner with my Mum's parents...lets hope this meeting of elderly peeps isn't as depressing.
It'll be fine......so long as they don't talk about grandads need for neurosurgery & how high risk an operation it is

12/22/02 05:21 pm

Went to see the grand-parents today (my dad's parents), they're both so decrepid. It's scary, gran's so frail, mum & dad had a nice cheerful conversation on the way home, 'twas all very depressing...but I'll only give you the worst of it:

Dad: Elsie (that's gran's mum by the way) used to be a stout woman, but she lost alot of wait before she died, I think shes scaring herself because she's lost so much weight, she thinks it's pre-death
Mum: Well she is very frail
Dad: Yes, but with the amount of contact she's had with doctors someone would have said something?!
Mum: Doctors don't tell patients that they're going to die
Dad: But surely they would have said something to a relative
Mum: Mavis's doctors don't necessarily get a chance to speak to Cliff

I want to be elsewhere

Come take me away Sweet-Thing, give me a hand to hold

12/20/02 10:26 am

Rome was amazing, we saw many many things, like the colloseum & the vatican, everything there is really big, grand and beautiful, the days there were very surreal, and if you want to know more you'll probably have to speak to me in person...I somehow doubt I'll have time to write everything about it here. Missed James loads, but then I'll see him in a week.
'tis good to be back tho

12/5/02 11:16 am - the actual happenings

So, the last week...what have I done? Everything...yet nothing, it has been a muchly good week leaving me grinning like a mad thing & feeling more relaxed than I have been for ages...despite the fact that I really shouldn't be since I have a fair amount of work due in *shrug*.
Unfortunately Joe (aka
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So, the last week...what have I done? Everything...yet nothing, it has been a muchly good week leaving me grinning like a mad thing & feeling more relaxed than I have been for ages...despite the fact that I really shouldn't be since I have a fair amount of work due in *shrug*.
Unfortunately Joe (aka <lj-user="raggedhalo">) didn't make it for Finch, which is a shame both because they were quite good ('cept for the sound quality...which me & Shanu really weren't too impressed by), and coz it would have been good to see him again, we don't exactly get the chance to speak to each other properly often. But I still went to the gig, with James, Simon (some random peeps - otherwise known as Simon's friends from Home), and Shanu, went & had a chips & ice-cream at BK (continuing my trend of eating weird foods...I went to see Harry Potter a while back & for my cinema snack I had Olives & cookies) & got a fairly early night.
Yesterday I went to Leicester square with James to see Red Dragon - we both kept missing it...and it's only still on in a few random places. It's a very good film & I'm glad I saw it on the big screen...it was an amazing cinema...the seats were leopard print!!! I think that was my most expensive & also most enjoyable cinema trip ever. Thank-you.
When we got back I had a lab-report to do, but since I finished that at 11:30 & I couldn't possibly get an early night (I've altered my body clock it seems) James & I watched Rocky Horror Show. All in all 'twas a muchly good day, muy relaxed, I've found someone I can shut up with (and as you can tell from the length of the post - this is a rare thing). It's good to lay my head on someone's chest again, theres something about listening to someone's heartbeat that lets you know how close you are.

Saw some stars on the way home, reminded me of old times & made me smile (even more), wanted to make someone else smile (and I think I succeeded), though it did make me realise that those times are probably relegated to "the past"

And what about the time between Finch & Red Dragon? It's all become a bit blurry (you just lost the game), I've met up with the SLUTS for a lunchtime drink, made some bracelets, done some work, watched yet more films, done my laundry, lost alot of games (there we go losing the game again) of Rummy to James, watched some more films, & not done enough work, not necessarily all in that order of course. It's been a good & hectic week. Though I have twisted my ankle fairly nastily (no more wine for that girl!) for the first time in ages...which means I'm probably going to have to miss the free punk/underground/riot-grrl night tonight! Noooooo
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